The F*ck It Diet | Caroline Dooner

“This is not a diet book”

— Caroline Dooner, The F*ck It Diet

Here’s Caroline Dooner’s promise. And indeed, The F*ck It Diet is not a diet book. On the contrary, it explains why diets are bad for our health and why we should just… listen to our bodies. Sounds simple? For many (many) people, it’s not that easy!  The author encourages us to let go and be kinder to ourselves, what should eventually result in a healthier relationship with food, our bodies, and more mental clarity.

Caroline Dooner, The Fuck It Diet, HarperCollins, 2019
Source: HarperCollins

Although it might seem somewhat cheesy and idealistic, Caroline Dooner remains very pragmatic and backs her pieces of advice with scientific studies that enable readers to do some further research if they want to.

I particularly appreciated The F*ck It Diet‘s structure. While the first chapter gives some background knowledge to easily understand why we are “so addicted to food”, the second one – and by far the longest one – focuses on the practical side of TFID, as its title suggests. “How the hell do I actually do this?” is itself divided into four parts: the physical part, the emotional part and the mental part, before ending with the thriving part. A very sensible holistic approach, since food is much more than just fuel for our bodies. It is linked to our personal history, our fears, the way we see and envision ourselves, our (limiting) beliefs and so many other things…

Will this book help you untangle all this? It might. Will it solve all of your problems? It – probably – won’t. Developing a better, healthier relationship to food is a long journey, a “bumpy road”, but TFID can help you get through it. You can’t limit yourself to reading it though, if you really want it to be efficient. Reading it will be a very good first step, it might be eye-opening, but Caroline Dooner suggests many exercises (mainly writing exercises) to help readers really clear their minds and understand themselves.

The author looks beyond food and addresses issues related to perfectionism, the constant drive for productivity, our hectic ways of life… Resting and eating. Listening to and feeding our bodies. These are TFID’s keywords. I hope you will be able to let them come into your life.

If this sounds interesting to you, if you are fed up with trying out new diets, binge eating or restricting yourself, I would strongly advise you to pick up this book (you can download the first chapter for free on the But don’t forget: you might also need to seek professional support and counselling. Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you feel like it’s all too much for you. Your life is precious, and you can’t stay alive unless you eat. Who cares about your weight anyway as long as you’re healthy? The most important thing is for you to feel comfortable in your body! And enjoy your life!

My rating

To read urgently

A really useful and inspiring book that might not be groundbreaking but spreads messages we need to read (and believe in!) time and time again. Although listening to our bodies might sound simple, it can be extremely complicated, and Caroline Dooner gives us the necessary knowledge and encouragements to start the journey. Plus, it is available in numerous languages!

About the book

Author: Caroline Dooner
Publisher: HarperCollins (HQ)
Publication year: 2019
Page count: 304
ISBN: 978-0062883612 

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